Trip to Nepal to start building the first school; April 2013

Boarding Yeti Airlines plane to Pokhara
Guy's Trust had the plane all to ourselves
Hotel Stupa, our home for the week
The next day we drive up to Dhikurpokari. The welcome sign moves most of us to tears
The village has put on a wonderful welcome for us
Lots of children have come
...and parents
...and grandparents
...and the old lady who gave the land for the school
There is music and dancing
...and new friends
The formalities begin
There is a minute silence to remember Guy
We bless the land
...and break ground
The land has been marked out
We start digging
...and digging
...and digging
...and digging
...and shoveling
Moving the earth
We work with the local people
The amazing brick-making machine
We have to make 8000!
But there is time to write the blog
...and to play football
...and just to chat
Some of us go to Dansing, to visit the site of the Guy Joseph ECDC which will be built in the grounds of an existing secondary school
We meet the teachers
The land is measured to make sure there is enough space
Some of us go to Armala, site for the third school
Meanwhile back in Dhikurpokari the trench is finished
The last afternoon and time for the closing ceremony
CSG (the local NGO), Actionaid and Guy's Trust gather for a photocall
Vicky hands the plaque for the school to Dilip
As well as sadness there is an immense sense of achievement
What an incredible week it has been