Trip to Cambodia to start building a school, February 2016

At the Royal Palace, Phnom Penh
The Killing Fields
Welcome to Kandal
Still clean!
An emotional moment
Dingy, stuffy, overcrowded classrooms will soon be a thing of the past
Ready to start work
The children are fascinated by us
Joely gets stuck in with the metal work
Preparing the playground
A little help from our friends
It's not all hard work!
Bricklaying is definitely a skilled job
Concrete chain gang
Brick chain gang
The new basins
Running water for the first time
Class teeth-cleaning
Smiles all round
Smiles all round
We give all the children Guy’s Trust T-shirts
No caption needed!
The new playground is a huge success
...especially the swings
The girls are more cautious
Final group photo
Hopefully we WILL see them latter
Bye bye and thank you
A token of appreciation
The Kandal kids sing goodbye
Welcome to Tany
Welcome to Tany
The old school building
The old school building
Tony attempts to speak Khmer
Cutting the ribbon
The plaque
Lining up for T-shirts
In their new clean T-shirts
Tany goodbye